Análisis de necesidades en formación intercultural en la Administración Pública

Donoso, Trinidad
Cabrera Rodríguez, Flor A.
Santos, Javier de
Curós i Vilà, Maria Pilar
The multicultural nature of our society requests new professional requirements at the Public Administration. There are news users that present specifics needs and conditions provoked by the legal situation and cultural origin. The research has two aims: 1) The assessment of Intercultural Competencies of the public employees of el Servicio de Empleo de Cataluña and 2) The design of a training program for the development of this competencies. The scope where are more needed this competencies are the capacity to solve intercultural problems, the intercultural communication, the knowledge of cultures and the migratory phenomena, and the role played by the stereotypes and the bias ​
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