Industry Certificate Courses Enhance University Experts and Masters

Lloret, Jaime
Vincent Vela, María Cinta
Poza Plaza, Elena de la
Domènech de Soria, Josep
Peña-Ortiz, Raúl
Text Complet
Industry certificates are quite different than the university postgraduate courses, especially from university experts and masters. While there is a common thought that the knowledge level of the industry certificate courses is low compared with university postgraduate courses, our experience demonstrate that with a good curricula plan they can coexist in university official and unofficial courses achieving great success. In this paper, we show how we have included several industry certificate courses in three university titles (an expert certificate, an unofficial master and an official master) and how they have made these titles very demanded by the students. We will show how the inclusions of industry certifications affected to the number of registered students and how confident are them for developing professional skills ​
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