Learning of basic competencies in dentistry through collaborative multidisciplinary problem-based learning strategies

Ibarretxe Bilbao, Gaskon
Bollar, Janire
Díaz Ereño, Elena
Sevillano Peña, Elena
Aguirregoitia, Naiara
Rueda Estévez, Yuri
Abaitua, Ainara
Azkue, J. J.
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The former spanish ministry of Science and Education (MEC) established, by royal decree 1393/2007, five basic competencies whose acquisition must be guaranteed for all new graduates finishing higher education studies. Although it is mandatory that these five basic competencies are included in all new curricular plans of spanish universities, no official directives were provided for their development and implementation. We report on a new strategy to improve learning of these five basic competencies in the context of higher education in dentristry ​
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