Suport des de l'àmbit social a les trajectòries educatives i formatives a joves migrats

Salvachúa, Esther
Sibina, Cristina
The authors of the article identify accompaniment as the basic action of support that can be given to educational and training processes. An even more necessary accompaniment when we consider it in relation to young people of immigrant origin who face multiple risk factors for social exclusion, ranging from low levels of training and difficulties in accessing post-compulsory studies, to situations irregular administrative or awareness of being victims of racism. The authors propose that support be developed based on these three methodological axes: individual support, group work and network and community work. Finally, the authors refer to three experiences that can serve as a model for this line of work: Can Cuní Educational and Learning Center, the Tarda Jove project, of the SER. GI Foundation, and the Girona New Opportunities Center - CNO ​
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