La mentoria social com a eina de treball amb joves en context d'immigració

Prieto, Òscar
orcId Feu, Jordi
Feu, Jordi
The debate on how to empower our young people through different types of supports is increasingly relevant in a context where the number of unaccompanied minors and young people migrating alone has increased considerably. In this article the authors present social mentoring as an effective support that has been implemented in different countries. They present the origin of social mentoring and its basic characteristics, and explain how the empowerment of young people can be developed through supportive relationships that promote access to information, people and institutions that promote social inclusion. of young people and to encourage joint reflection and dialogue on how society is structured and how it can contribute to improving the present world. Finally, based on the accumulated research and management experience of the Rossinyol project promoted by the University of Girona, they highlight what they consider to be the 10 fundamental elements for mentoring to contribute to the development of young people’s empowerment, and point out 9 10 practical considerations to take into account for the proper functioning of any project with these characteristics ​
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