Percepción de los jóvenes sobre los espacios y momentos en su proceso de empoderamiento: una aproximación cuantitativa = Youth perception on spaces and moments in the process of empowerment: a quantitative approach

The voice of youth has not been taken into account in the conceptualization of empowerment and related research. The contents of this article contribute to the study of spaces and key moments in the process of youth empowerment through first-person experi¬ences of 890 young. A quantitative approach will be used in order to consider the contribu¬tion of specific ambits of everyday life to capacity development and its application. Personal experiences perceived by youth as highly empowering are identified, and the relationship between empowerment and different life stages is studied. The findings suggest that the spac¬es generating more youth empowerment are formal and non-formal education settings and work environment. The importance of emancipation and life experiences entailing personal overcoming is also illustrated. In essence, the outcomes provide evidence and contribute to the debate and reflection of youth empowerment so as to promote future research and im¬prove youth work interventions, as well as the design and implementation of youth policies ​
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