Técnicas de estudio en estudiantes de Secundaria que asisten a clases extraescolares en la provincia de Girona

Study techniques in out of school secondary education in the province of Girona. It is important to provide students with different ways to study so they can find the most appropriate method for them. Our research focuses on the study techniques used in secondary education by those students attending classes out of school time. In order to conduct this research, we have developed a general questionnaire after reviewing the existing literature on the topic. Some of the results obtained with this study are the following: adolescents attach great importance to learn study techniques, being summaries, diagrams and underlining the most well-known strategies for them, and mind maps and teamwork the least popular ones; they prefer dynamic teaching and learning methodologies, such as making interactive discussions; tutoring is the most valued element. Based on the results obtained with the study, we have developed some proposals to facilitate the work of the teacher when teaching study techniques and helping students to improve their academic performance ​
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