La identificación de buenas prácticas en la mejora de la convivencia: un acercamiento a los centros públicos de Educación Secundaria de Cataluña

The article describes and summarizes some results of the research Identification of the difficulties, collection of good practices and analysis of the improvement processes in Secondary Education Institutes of Catalonia (2011). An approach to the situation of conviviality in the Catalan public Secondary schools gathering the perception of the management teams, through an ethnographic approach and of analysis of the stories. It has its origin in a work commissioned from the General Subdirectorate of Permanent Teacher Training of the Generalitat of Catalonia, developed in the context of the module “Conviviality and Organization of Centres”, within the program of permanent training of management teams. It falls in line with action-oriented research to improve practice. The paper gathers and synthesizes the results obtained in the collection and systematization of the proposed improvements. It is structured in three parts: a) a theoretical analysis which conceptualizes violence / conviviality and sense of good practices; b) the explanation of the design, methodology and development of research and c) the categorization of the improvement proposals and the conclusions of the work ​
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