Work integration of people of disabilities in the regular labour market: what can we do to improve these processes

It is important to ensure that regular processes of labour market integration are available for all citizens. Method Thematic content analysis techniques, using semi‐structured group interviews, were used to identify the principal elements contributing to the processes of integrating people with disabilities into the regular labour market. Thirty‐two professionals from 17 agencies provided information regarding the role of the family, training, workplace monitoring, the work setting, and personal resources of the worker. Results The results indicated that family, training (prior to and during the integration service), monitoring of the worker in the workplace, and work setting were relevant and contributing aspects of the process of work integration. Conclusions A real and effective commitment on the part of the government is required to regulate and provide resources to create supported employment services and to allow these services to plan their own interventions, keeping in mind the relevance of and relationship between aspects such as family, training, workplace monitoring, the work setting and personal resources of the worker ​
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