Calidad de vida y cáncer de próstata: efectos de un programa de ejercicio físico

This paper presents a study about the effects of an exercise program as complementary therapy for prostate cancer. This quasi-experimental study was carried out with 33 patients under treatment. This program uses as a guide the American College Sports Medicine Position Stand (ACSM, 2009). Anthropometric variables, strength-stamina, the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 Max), the subjective perception of sport, incontinence, pain and life quality are examined. After 24 weeks, a significant improvement can be observed in the patient’s life quality. Results show that this improvement in life quality is due to an improvement in physical, functional and psicoemotional ability of the patient. The adherence program integrated in the exercise program makes it possible to improve the quality and necessary quantity of exercise for the autonomous exercise practice ​
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