La actividad productiva de la fábrica de harinas “La Montserrat” (Girona) en el año agrícola de 1903-1904 = The Production Activities at the Company Harinera “La Montserrat” (Girona) over the Agricultural Year 1903-1904

Harinera La Montserrat, S.A, a company involved in the manufacturing and trading of cereals and flour, was founded in Girona in 1898 by José Ensesa y Cía., Sociedad en Comandita. With the objective to determine how the product activity of this business was structured, we have studied in detail the operations that were carried out over the agricultural year 1903-1904. We have focused on three main aspects. Firstly, the purchasing of wheat (origin, transportation, prices); secondly, the production of flour (using internal and external wheat, profits); and thirdly, its distribution (customers, destination). Finally, we have analyzed the profit and loos account for this period in order to find out if this business was profitable ​
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