Generación de cursos virtuales adaptativos en SCORM e IMS-LD

The use of virtual learning environments it’s more and more frequent in all education levels. However, this increasing use of such environments also implies that the different stages now used in the processes of teaching-learning need to be considered. Student users in a virtual learning environment are faced, not only to the problems related to acquire the knowledge of their course, but also to technological problems as information overloading, getting used to web surfing, computer use, etc. One way to minimize the impact caused by heterogeneity existing in virtual learning environments is to adapt several aspects to the specific characteristics from the user and his context. From this point of view, this work shows a model for an integral user that has been used to generate a virtual course that can interoperate between ELearning platforms. This course has been created using the SCORM reference model and the IMSLD specification ​
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