Aproximación a la realidad actual del trabajo social en euskadi: una especial mirada al trabajo social en lengua vasca

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This article deals with two closely linked or linkable, but likewise clearly differentiated, subjects. First of all, an analysis is carried out on the research and development of the discipline and the social work profession as it is applied in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (ACB), based on recent research findings. In relation to social work, the study indicates the need to strengthen aspects pertaining to training, research and the profession itself. It is our view that this requires the exchange of know-how between the academic world and professionals on the job. In this respect, we believe it is important to create spaces and launch initiatives to crate synergy between professional practice and the people involved in teaching and research. Second of all, a more in-depth study is made of the state of development of the use of the Basque language in educational spheres of the social work discipline, on the basis of a preliminary exploratory analysis. A variety of indicators show that the Basque language is steadily gaining in the educational sphere. It is clear that as the path taken in the educational sphere widens and becomes more consolidated, it will have an effect on the use of the Basque language in the professional sphere. Nevertheless, linguistic revitalization likewise requires that its use be made prestigious by empowering its speakers. This calls for plans to encourage and promote changes and generate linguistic habits ​
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