The Challenges of didactics on scholar inclusion: specialized teachers perceptions

Aparecida Veltrone, Aline
Gonçalves Mendes, Enicéia
Text Complet
This study is a section of the GP-FOREESP - Formation of Human Resources and Learning in Special Education Group’s agenda. This Group is engaged in the development of researches with the intent to contribute on the process to universalize the access to school as well as on the improvement of education system that is currently available to the target population of Special Education. Nowadays, the inclusion process subject has been prioritized by that research group, as they consider that, along with other reasons, the efforts to establish an inclusive education system would be the unique alternative to solve the problem regarding the access to school, which is currently limited, and also to improve the quality on special education, since the level presented in the country is low. Guided by such premise, the present work is a supplementary project developed within the group extent to generate knowledge on school inclusion matter ​
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