Creencias del profesorado de educación primaria en torno a la enseñanza de la estadística.

This article enquires about the belief system of Primary Education teachers regarding the teaching of statistics, its purposes, resources and strategies and challenges. For this, semi-structured interviews were applied to 11 chilean teachers and analyzed with a qualitative methodology with an interpretative approach. The results show that: 1) teachers acknowledge statistics as relevant knowledge for the understanding of various problems coming from multiple contexts; 2) data collected from the student’s surroundings and the textbook are the most used resources and strategies; 3) the main challenges are time and curricular location, along to the need to strengthen the use of various teaching resources (real contexts, manipulative materials and ITCs) and the development of an inter-disciplinary statistics approach. Therefore, it is necessary to provide teachers with professional development opportunities that will equip them with the necessary tools to move forward towards an efficient teaching of statistics for all students ​
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