Transmedia learning: an opportunity for digital inclusive education = L'apprendimento transmediale: un'opportunità per l'educazione inclusiva digitale

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Born within the context of participatory culture and media convergence, transmedia learning is growing as a didacticproposal linked to storytelling that aims to mobilize and develop digital skills in interactive contexts. Through a systematicliterature review (SLR), as a first step, we try to define the concept of transmedia learning, with socioconstructivist and connectivist roots. And, from there, we try to analyse its characteristics in terms of inclusive education, also from a genderperspective, to consider if transmedia learning can be an opportunity. Transmedia learning is flexible, customizable andpersonalizable from the didactical and technological points of view, so it is in line with the principles of accessibility anduniversal design for learning. And, for similar reasons, it can help us fight against the gender digital divide. Therefore,transmedia learning can be an opportunity for inclusive digital education ​
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