Model d’actuació pel tractament de la violència masclista als centres educatius: prevenció, detecció i connexió amb la xarxa de serveis

This model has its origin in the research project WeAreHere! (SomAquí!) funded by the !La Caixa" Foundation and carried out by Liberi, Research Group on Childhood, Youth and Community of the Universitat de Girona, with the collaboration of the Secretariat for Childhood, Adolescence and Youth and the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia. The aim of this project, carried out during 2021 and 2022, has been to create an action model applicable to schools to help put an end to gender-based violence that some children and adolescents may experience in their homes. By giving children an active role both in research and in dealing with the problem we aim to promote a useful support for them. For this purpose, six advisory groups with children from Figueres, Girona, Palau d’Anglesola, Tortosa and Vic accompanied the research team throughout the research. A total of 3,650 children between the fourth year of primary school and the fourth year of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) from 106 schools in Catalonia were surveyed. Finally, 322 teachers from 86 of these schools also responded to a questionnaire with the aim of gathering their opinion and checking the feasibility of the pupils’ proposals ​
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