Evidencias de validez y fiabilidad de una Escala de Impulsividad en adolescentes del Ecuador

Aponte Zurita, Gabriela
Moreta-Herrera, Rodrigo
Objective: To identify the evidence of validity and reliability of internal consistency of the Plutchik ImpulsivityScale in a sample of adolescents from Ecuador. Method: Instrumental or psychometric study in which thefactorial structure of the scale, the validity of the relationship with other variables and the reliability of internalconsistency are analyzed. Participants: 770 adolescents (57.7% men and 42.3% women) aged between 12 and 18years. They are students from educational centers in three cities in Ecuador distributed between Basic GeneralEducation (33.8%) and Baccalaureate (66.2%). Results: There is evidence of validity from a four-dimensionalstructural model according to the original postulate of the measure. Furthermore, in terms of the validity of therelationship with other variables, the Plutchik scale converges with the Barratt Impulsivity Scale. Finally, theinternal consistency of the scale scores is adequate. Conclusion: The factorial adjustment model of the scale isadapted to the adolescent sample, so the interpretation of the items is carried out based on the original criterionof the measure, ensuring its use and its interpretative capacity ​
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