Visiting a furancho: local lifestyles as drivers of (food) tourism transformation

Purpose This research analyses the relationships between local foodscapes and tourism futures departing from furanchos as examples of a rural Spanish's authentic food tradition which reveals the transformative power of local foods and culinary practices in tourism. Design/methodology/approach Using a narrative inquiry, the qualitative case study is based on ten semi-structured interviews with local owners of furanchos in the Spanish region of Galicia. Findings Results show the key characteristics of furanchos, and their potential for sustainable food production and consumption. The regulatory framework and its close connection with the environment are the reasons why they provide transformative (food) tourism experiences. Originality/value Drawing from the preservation of a culinary culture, the future of food tourism will not only improve the sustainability of food systems and supply chains, but also the understanding of genuine foods and practices that represent people and places ​
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