Fatiga física y mental y su relación en la autoeficacia académica en estudiantes en formación militar del Ecuador

Cando-Aldás, Lissette
Moreta-Herrera, Rodrigo
This research project intended to explore the relationship between physical and mental fatigue and academic self-efficacy among military personnel in training in Ecuador. A descriptive, correlational and cross-sectional study was implemented, through the use of the Swedish Occupational Fatigue Inventory, Maslach’s Burnout Inventory - General Study and Specific Perceived Self-Efficacy Scale of Academic Situations. The participants included 361 military training students from a technical school of the Ecuadorian Air Force--83.1% men and 16.9% women, aged between 18 and 20 (M= 20.9 years; SD= 1.5). It was found that the relationship between physical and mental fatigue with academic self-efficacy is very low (r= -,141; p<0.01), while it is much higher with Burnout, especially with Cynicism (r= -,292; p<.01) and Professional Efficiency (r=, 456; p<.01). It has been concluded that physical and mental fatigue affects the levels of Academic Self-efficacy of military personnel in training in Ecuador ​
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