Explorando Momentos clave para el empoderamiento de jóvenes a partir de sus relatos = Exploring key moments of empowerment of young people through their own life stories

This article presents the stories of six young people who shared their percep-tions of what they believe has empowered them. The aim was to identify those moments, places and processes that have contributed to this empowerment. The starting point for their stories was the deï¬ nition of empowerment provided by the HEBE project. After briefly dis-cussing the complex nature of the concept of empowerment, the methodological strategy used will be explained, followed by a description of the narrative process and of how the young participants were selected. Then the most important ï¬ ndings regarding the moments, places and processes identiï¬ ed will be discussed. These include the contributions made by the young participants, together with the analysis and extracts selected by the researchers. Each story will be examined in depth and linked to the others, thus triangulating the data pro-vided by each participant. Places such as family and work environments and community life are particularly emphasized, as are moments and periods such as the gaze of others, critical incidents, and adolescence, together with processes such as decision making, the recognition of others and action. The article concludes with a number of important elements that arose in the stories, as well as some questions that still remain to be answered ​
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