Los procesos matemáticos en la práctica docente: análisis de la fiabilidad de un cuestionario de evaluación = Mathematical processes in teaching: analysis of the reliability of an evaluation questionnaire

This article presents the results of an internal reliability analysis of a questionnaire designed to evaluate the presence of mathematical processes in the practices used to teach and learn mathematics. After validating the instrument by means of expert judgement in a prior study, 20 expert evaluators administered the instrument to 95 teachers of preschool and primary education in the Community of Murcia (Spain). The data obtained was analysed with the R-3.1.0 statistical package on an i686-pc-linux-gnu (32-bit) platform. Based on standardised scores, the Cronbach alpha shows a good level of internal consistency (median alpha coefficient .789 for Preschool and .86 for Primary), with the lowest level corresponding to the process of "representation" in preschool, with a value of .74, which is still considered to be an acceptable level of internal consistency ​
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