Dimensiones, características e indicadores para una escuela democrática = Dimensions, characteristics and indicators for a democratic school

orcId Feu, Jordi
Feu, Jordi
Simó Gil, Núria
Serra Salamé, Carles
Canimas Brugué, Joan
The purpose of this article is to portray a theoretical conceptualization of democracy along with an operativization based upon the main dimensions which, according to our framework, define the concept. The article starts with the conceptual analysis developed by the Demoskole team in the context of the research “Democracy and participation and inclusive education in educational institutions”. This job is divided into three main areas: first, a clear definition of what we understand by democracy and school democracy; second, a presentation of the items of the four basic dimensions established by the team (governance, inhabitancy, otherness and values, virtues and abilities) defined in the previous section; and finally, the conclusions and some discussion related to theoretical and practical aspects which are present in the current debate ​
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