Redescubriendo el entorno con ojos matemáticos: Aprendizaje realista de la geometría en Educación Infantil = Rediscovering the environment with mathematical eyes: Realistic learning geometry in Early Childhood Education

This article describes the main ideas behind the teaching and learning of mathematics in the early ages from the perspective of Realistic Mathematics Education. A review of the main contemporary curriculum guidelines for early childhood education within the teaching of geometry is accomplished. The paper concludes with the presentation of a realistic teaching learning practice of geometry in Early Childhood Education. This experience called "Rediscovering the main street of Palencia with mathematical eyes" was carried out with 25 children in 3rd course of Early Childhood Education (5-6 years) from the school "Sofia Tartilán" Palencia (Spain). The documentation provided in the work shows how students performed discover various aspects related to geometric knowledge in their immediate environment such as recognizing elements with certain geometric shapes; analyzing and comparing the geometric properties of shapes; they observe patterns and geometric transformations; and they notice the aesthetic value in geometric shapes ​
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