Fourier-based registrations for two-dimensional forward-looking sonar image mosaicing

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This paper presents a method to build large-scale mosaics adapted to underwater sonar imagery. By assuming a simplified imaging model, we propose to address the registrations between images using Fourier-based methods which, unlike feature-based methods, prove well suited to handle the characteristics of forward-looking sonar images, such as low resolution, noise, occlusions and moving shadows. The registration between spatially and temporally distant images resulting from loop-closing situations or registrations in featureless areas are feasible, overcoming the main difficulties of feature-based methods. The problem is cast as a pose-based graph optimization, taking into account the uncertainties of the pairwise registrations and being able to incorporate navigation information. After the optimization, a consistent mosaic from different tracklines is generated with increased resolution and higher signal-to-noise ratio than the original images, while the vehicle motion in x,y and heading is also estimated. © 2012 IEEE. ​
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