Els mestres públics gironins i la renovació pedagògica: de la dictadura a la democràcia (1971-1994) = The public teachers of Girona and pedagogical reform: from the Franco dictatorship to democracy (1971-1994)

Marquès, Salomó
Educational reform during the Franco years and the political transition to democracy in Catalonia had a name: Rosa Sensat, who launched on-going teacher training in 1964 and resumed Summer Schools in 1965. In 1971, four female teachers in the Girona region organised the first Summer School, which generated a group of active, assertive public school teachers who began to organise themselves and became the seed of reform in the different districts in Girona over time. This article presents the history of educational reform by focussing on the most important groups of teachers in the district: Teachers from Girona for a Catalan School Movement, Teachers from Alt Empordà for a Catalan School Movement and the Garrotxa Teachers Group ​
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