Construyendo la representación social de la diversidad afectivo-sexual

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The aim of this work is to understand the social representation sexual-affective diversity (DAS) for later use in educational settings. We used the following techniques: semi-structured individual interview (n = 8), free word association (n = 240) and questionnaire (n = 450). The results showed a social representation of DAS under construction, suggesting a picture of the DAS synthesized in sexual options and emotional and bodily dimensions, entirely away from negative connotations. The results also presented five main dimensions of the social representation of sexual-affective diversity: positive emotions and negative emotions towards the DAS; pathological and immoral beliefs about the DAS; heteronormative practices in DAS; and non-heteronormative groups in DAS. These results allowed us, about DAS, decide the most appropriate term, definition and approach towards this concept, as well as specify the main characteristics that educational actions in DAS should present ​
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