La red de innovación docente sobre aprendizaje cooperativo: una experiéncia interdisciplinar

In 2009 the University of Girona (Spain) created four teaching innovation networks. They consist of groups of teachers who have a common interest in a specific teaching method or share the same approach as regards teaching innovation. This paper aims to present the experience of one of these networks, which is concerned with cooperative learning. The network has nine members, who are University teachers who belong to different academic disciplines, including Chemistry, Education, Economics, Engineering, Law, Psychology, and Tourism. This paper outlines the ongoing experience of this network, describes the activity of teaching innovation which is being carried out by the participants, how the sharing of information is taking place, as well as the as yet preliminary results of its work. Moreover, some conclusions about the positive and negative aspects of cooperative learning are drawn. The diversity of approaches adopted by the network members as regards the way in which they have put cooperative learning into practice is highlighted. Attention is paid alsoto the difficulties of the project, which are mainly related to the assessment of students when using this teaching method. In summary, participants face the challenge of learning from the exchange of experiences on an interdisciplinary basis ​
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