Actitudes y necesidades de formación de los profesores ante las TIC y la introducción del crédito europeo: un nuevo desafío para la Educación superior

This work tackles university teachers’ attitudes towards the change brought about by the introduction of the so-called European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the integration of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It is evident that university teachers hold a positive opinion as regards the effect of ICT on their teaching practice; a more moderate opinion in relation to the conditions for their proper implementation and a critical opinion as regards the lack of university support policies and infrastructure. The demands of the new education and the ICT participation go hand in hand. In-service training should address educational issues associated to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and to those that explain how to take advantage and how to make a didactic use of technological resources through courses provided by the university itself, and through seminars on specific issues where the collaborative culture and the implementation of open education projects using ICT are encouraged ​
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