La transición a la vida adulta de jóvenes con discapacidad intelectual: evaluación de un programa de formación para la mejora de las competencias personales = Transition to adulthood of young people with intellectual disability: Evaluation of a Transition to Adulthood Programme to improve personal competencies

Transition to adulthood is a multidimensional process that includes starting the working life, social participation in the community settings and emancipation from the family. In Spain young people with intellectual disability (ID) have many difficulties in their transition process. The aim of this paper is to present the evaluation of a Transition to Adulthood Programme for youth with ID, carried out by an organization that works in post-school context. The evaluation process has highlighted the need to work, prior the completion of compulsory secondary education, competencies and skills related to autonomy, personal care, environment knowledge and social skills. Individualised mentoring and guidance appear as key elements to improve the motivation to learn of young people and participation in decision-making about their own educational process ​
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