La evaluación de la actividad reflexiva a partir del portafolio del estudiante

Reflective competence is considered one of the key competencies of students‟ education in all teaching levels and in the daily practice of professionals. A lack of conceptual clarity can lead to critical difficulties for teachers when designing activities that promote reflective skills and also to confusion on the part of the students who have to put them into practice. A short introduction to the scientific study of reflective activity which tries to set the stage of the investigation as well as an innovative experience within the framework of the first year of the Degree in Psychology Studies are presented here. This study presents the work on the reflective skills through a reflective portfolio. Five hierarchical levels of reflection are specified as a guide for the making of the portfolio for the students, and as a support for the mentoring and assessment tasks of teachers. As a conclusion, a three-step model for the training of „reflective beginners‟ is outlined ​
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