Un cuaderno de versos manuscritos en español de ca. 1550 en el Archivo Histórico de Protocolos de Barcelona

Brown, Kenneth
Garcia-San Roman, Gemma
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This is a multi-part study centering on a hitherto unknown-to-exist, mid-sixteenth-century Spanish poetic anthology exhumed in Barcelona’s Notarial Archives. The ms. includes poems authored by Garcilaso, Cetina, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Montemayor, and Oropesa. Also, many of the twenty-eight poems included herein are anonymous, and several entirely new, in the sense that their first verses have never been catalogued in academic databases. The collection includes two distinct series of poems: biblical ballads and a long mythological work, as well as numerous Italianate-verse sonnets and a poem in tercets, characteristic of the fresh wave of Petrarchism transforming the discourse of literature of the Iberian Peninsula at the time. The study includes an introductory essay, followed by a critical edition of the manuscript, and a photographic facsimile of the original. This is followed by a series of biblical ballads in Spanish ​
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