Formas del discurso científico en el Renacimiento: tratados y diálogos

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Discursive forms in Renaissance scienti!c literature: treatise and dialogue Up until now, there have been few studies dedicated to the renewal of genres in Renaissance scientific literature, despite the fact that this is a key factor of knowledge dissemination. Beyond the author’s aims —academic, informative, or controversial —, the adoption of a speci!c discursive form implies a given perspective in the interpretation of reality. %is article deals with the three available sixteenth-century Spanish works consisting of a treatise and a dialogue designed together as complementary units, and it analyzes the perceived potential of literary dialogue as a vehicle for scienti!c literature. The conclusion is that Renaissance science does not necessarily choose from these two genres due to issues of knowledge dissemination, as is usually claimed; such a decision may be based on very complex reasons which must be considered in every case ​
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