Afrontamiento de situaciones de hostilidad y desempeño de la función directiva. Planteamientos y reflexiones a raíz de una actividad de formación permanente de directivos de centros educativos de titularidad pública

The intervention in the organized conflicts and, particularly, the confrontation of hostile situations (based on the emotional alteration, the strain, the verbal aggressiveness, etc) is one of the aspects that worry the principals of the educative centres and, therefore, a main attention must be given to the initial and permanent training to have managing duties. Throughout the text we take some aspects into account in the development of these managing skills:a) we set the distinctive features; b) we answer to the dilemma about the existence of improvement possibilities; c) we state the need to star from the motivation and the active participation of the principals in their own personal development and, finally, d) we contribute with the design of a training activity to develop skills to confront hostile situations, addressed to the principals of primary and secondary schools, that was done in Girona, in November 2005 ​
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