Percepciones del profesorado ante la incorporación de las competencias genéricas en la formación universitaria

What are the mindsets of teachers regarding the incorporation of generic competencies into university education within the framework of the European space for higher education? After clarifying the concept of competency and generic competencies, we selected a reference set of ten generic competencies and delimited the possible ways or strategies of intervention.A sample of 277 teachers in the University of Girona completed a questionnaire in which they evaluated the importance of each one of the competencies selected for the education profile and the preferred courses of action. There was a general acceptance on the part of the teaching staff of the need for the development of generic competencies. However, it is obvious they were reticent to incorporate them into the academic curriculum, which can be attributed to gaps in their teacher training. In order to make progress on this interesting aspect of higher education, a number of possible steps are put forward ​
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