La búsqueda de factores protectores del fracaso escolar en niños en situación de riesgo mediante un estudio de casos

The aim of this article is to introduce one of the approaches of research that we consider may contribute to find useful knowledge for prevention of school failure. This approach is in some studies called the study of risk and resilience. The word resilience refers to the capacity of individuals to endure adverse events in their vital experience, without long-term negative or disrupting consequences in their development or socialisation. We present a review of studies that have been carried out with this approach. Then it will be exemplified with a research that intended to identify protective factors of the risk of school failure in at risk adolescents. By means of a qualitative case study approach, this research has allowed us to approach some personal, educational and social factors that seem to have a certain relevance as protective factors of the risk of school failure ​
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