Les competències bàsiques a l'escola: de la conceptualització a la posada en pràctica. Un camí per explorar

The times of constant change that we are experiencing in the early 21st century have caused a major shake-up in the world of education. Bearing in mind that the greatest maxim of the present time is that everything we learn or experience is likely to change, it is essential to be more aware than ever that it is important not only “to know a lot”, but also “to know how to apply” everything we learn to carry on learning more, to refresh previous learning and never to have enough. The term “competence” (the fact of being competent in a subject) draws on the old (and fine) concept of integral education, placing particular emphasis on the person and the needs that the changing world imposes on him or her, and above all, paying particular attention to research into strategies aimed at resolving all the issues that he or she comes up against in his or her daily life, despite the fact that such issues may not bear any relation to what he or she may have learnt. All of this involves a major change in the day-to-day operation of schools and, for the first time ever, it impacts directly on the classroom. A change should be experienced as a true challenge. The greatest challenge of our times ​
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