Nuevos Escenarios para el aprendizaje: cambiando las reglas del juego educativo

The pedagogical relationship in universities should change if we pretended to obtain citizens with a professional profile who are committed with the social reality. This change should be made at least on three of the various levels involved: on institutional level, on academic level and on student level. To achieve this we need to "invent" new scenarios for the educational action, deliver autonomy to the educational process and re-install a sense to the learning process. And one of the proposals that could fit in this change could be the so-called service learning, although there are surely many more to which attention should be paid. In summary, if we attend the real needs of education, there might exist the possibility that we do not throw into the abyss those marionettes of a cyclic reality of the same orthopaedic educational process, but that we point out on other forms of knowledge transfer meaning that we prefer to educate real professionals capable to transform the world and responsible for their own learning process. That way, changing the rules of the game, it might be possible to understand that our interest for the educational process is much stronger than for the institution; and that what we really want is to educate responsible individuals and not to “manufacture” talents; as what really is of interest is to unite efforts for a transformation of a society of which everyone who belongs to it should feel proud of. Everyone, because we can only achieve this pride if we are convinced that everyone counts in it ​
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