¿Continuidad o fragmentación? Percepción de los profesionales sobre la coordinación entre servicios en los procesos de tránsito a la vida adulta de los jóvenes con discapacidad intelectual

This article is part of a research focusing on the process of transition to adulthood of young people with intellectual disabilities. Specifically, this study analyses transition partnership programs, as the professionals involved in them see them. The information is obtained in two stages: in the first stage 45 interviews to professionals working in this field are conducted. In the second stage we develop a study applying the Delphi method in which two panels of experts, the first one with educational professionals and the second one with professionals working with afters chool services, were asked about several topics. The results show a lack of continuity underlying the actions taken in support of young people with ID during the transition process. Insufficient information and collaboration among services and professionals and a lack of leadership are the main problems perceived by professionals. The study helps to identify problems in the transition partnership programs and establishes actions in order to enhance the transition process ​
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