Envejeciendo en un mundo cambiante: el entorno rural una nueva realidad social = Aging in a changing world: rural context a new social reality

Catalan rural areas are characterized for having a high percentage of aging population. Rural population is changing in its demography as well as in its values and social dynamics. The “outsiders” arrival implies the need of " building a nucleus of shared meanings", that complicates the continuity of the everyday life based on "face to face" relationships that already exist and in shared meanings socially built. In-depth Interviews to experts, professionals, and older people and two focal groups of professionals and significant social agents were conducted, with a total of 53 participants. In the results section movements of population contributing to the change of the social dynamics are identified and the impact of this social change in older people is defined. Results also show the most significant movements of population for the older people studied and the changes in the social dynamics perceived by them ​
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