Sistema de indicadores para políticas municipales culturales: una herramienta de evaluación

The evaluation of public policies and social and cultural policies in particular, continues to be an objective in the modernization of local government. The aim of this paper is to provide a tool for applying in evaluation process. The tool is a system of indicators to cultural empowerment policies. A proposal that allows us not only to obtain information regarding the management of local governments, but one which also contributes to producing change and highlighting possible intervention strategies for said governments. Our proposal is based on a review of the literature and a process of expert validation, the results of which are applied to a Spanish municipality by means of a case study. The research we have conducted provides evidence of a lack of evaluative instruments in the domain of public policies. It also proposes and describes a system of indicators aimed at municipal managers and politicians interested in evaluating the actions and strategies they implement in this domain of local empowerment policies. At the same time, this instrument should also make it possible to identify requirements and orientate future lines of action with a view to improving such policies, thus encouraging the development of municipal policies in this domain ​
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