Metodologías para el estudio de la competencia mediática en profesionales de la comunicación = Metodological tools for the Media Literacy research in Mass Media professionals

Buitrago Alonso, Alejandro
García Matilla, Agustín
We are living in a time when the information society has mutated greatly. Nowadays, we cannot speak anymore about isolated communication media but a hypermedia context, which surrounds and affects us at all times. Correspondingly, the assessment of media competition in the communication professionals has become mandatory. Hence, the present article describes the design of a sample of communication professionals. We attempt having the largest number of media profiles, specifically according to their professional expertise, namely information, fiction or marketing. To achieve our aim we need to integrate the traditional media (press, radio and TV) with a number of other novel ever-changing media, which currently constitute the hypermedia sector. Once the sample selection is shown, the next step consists of choosing the most accurate methodological tool to gauge our subject of study: the perception of the Media Literacy level in today’s communication professionals. Thus, the following part in our article is focused on developing an “in-deep interview” script. This will be the methodology to follow in our Research & Development National Project, which has been conducted since 2010, and whose ultimate objective is the Media Literacy assessment among the communication professionals within our country ​
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