Análisis psicométrico de la escala multidimensional de autoconcepto AF5 en una muestra de adolescentes y adultos de Cataluña

Psychometric analysis of the AF5 multidimensional scale of self-concept in a sample of adolescents and adults in Catalonia. The aim of this study is to carry out a psychometric study of the AF5 scale in a sample of 4.825 Catalan subjects from 11 to 63 years-old. They are students from secondary compulsory education (ESO), from high school, middle-level vocational training (CFGM) and from the university. Using a principal component analysis (PCA) the theoretical validity of the components is established and the reliability of the instrument is also analyzed. Differential analyses are performed by gender and normative group using a 2 6 factorial design. The normative group variable includes the different levels classifi ed into 6 sub-groups: university, post-compulsory secondary education (high school and CFGM), 4th of ESO, 3rd of ESO, 2nd of ESO and 1st of ESO. The results indicate that the reliability of the Catalan version of the scale is similar to the original scale. The factorial structure also fi ts with the original model established beforehand. Signifi cant differences by normative group in the four components of self-concept explored (social, family, academic/occupational and physical) are observed. By gender, signifi cant differences appear in the component of physical self-concept, academic and social but not in the family component ​
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