Sobre poesia visual: aprenent a llegir davant les línies

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This research examines the nature of visual poetry and its educational potential in the processes of teaching and learning reading and writing in primary education. The first part looks into the internal and external logic of visual poetry, its cultural, historical and technical characteristics, and a knowledge goal is provisionally defined, which is then analyzed as a teaching and learning goal. It reviews the historicist approaches to visual poetry; it examines the definitions that have been established especially regarding its intermedia nature, and also the most interesting definitions that have been made by visual poets themselves. Following on from this, there is a historical overview of this poetic form, focusing mainly on the Western European tradition and on Catalonia from the twentieth century onwards. The second part of the thesis is the empirical research that justifies, applies and interprets the description and analysis of a didactic sequence of a teacher in a classroom in year two of primary education within the methodological and theoretical framework of contemporary research on specific didactics. Above all, it uses the theoretical foundations of comparative didactics and clinical methodologies. Based on close and participatory observation and an all-encompassing analysis of educational action, some interpretations are compared with the overall framework of knowledge of language and literature didactic. Hence the intrinsic cultural value of visual poetry is claimed as a catalyst to encourage the improvement of the reading and writing skills itself, while this teaching goal also serves as a pretext to consider and purpose new ways of teaching and learning reading and writing, in a richer and more complex way, especially in the field of critical literacy, creativity and intermediality ​
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