One-shot pattern projection for dense and accurate 3D reconstruction in structured light

Fernández Navarro, Sergio
Texto Completo
This thesis focuses on the problem of 3D acquisition using coded structured light (CSL). In CSL, a projected pattern impinges artificial texture onto the object surface, increasing the number of correspondences in the retrieved image. Finally, 3D acquisition is pursued by triangulation. An active research is being done in CSL techniques for moving scenarios. In this thesis, a review of the main CSL approaches is presented. Afterwards, we perform a deep study of the two most used frequency-based techniques, and a new proposal for automatic selection of the window width using Windowed Fourier Transform (WFT). Using this analysis, we implemented a new technique for one-shot dense acquisition, able to work in moving scenarios. The technique is based on adaptive WFT and DeBruijn coding. The results show the proposed method obtains dense acquisition with accuracy levels comparable to DeBruijn algorithms. Finally, the thesis focuses on the problem of registration in SL. ​
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