Psicofarmacologia i nou estudi de grau de psicologia

Adan Puig, Ana
Texto Completo
The proposal of the new university degree in Psychology, regarding the subject of Biological Bases of Behaviour, has as common formative contents the study of the biological foundations of psychological disorders and of the mechanisms of action of the pharmacological drugs that have an effect on behaviour and psychological processes. Thus, it is to be expected that many Schools of Psychology in Spanish universities will include the subject of Psychopharmacology as core credits when designing their new plan of studies. In 1999, the University of Barcelona (UB) introduced Psychopharmacology as a compulsory subject in the second cycle of the degree, as part of the last reform in its plan of studies. This subject has 6 credits, 4 of which are for theory and 2 of them for practice, currently applied in the second cycle of the Psychology degree. We present here our teaching experience in this subject, including the methodology used, the teaching materials designed to favour content learning, the development of the competences needed for the professional practice of psychology, and the assessment criteria. Our work can be useful for the teaching teams of the different Spanish universities who wish to include the subject of Psychopharmacology in their future degree of Psychology ​
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