Psicologia i model educatiu a la Universitat de Guadalajara (Jalisco)

Llovet Tarroja, Carles
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This paper aims to explain how Psychology is taught at the University of Guadalajara, in Mexico, by looking at the teaching and learning model currently in place. It is not a thorough review of data obtained through formal research but a sampling of different perspectives from different people who – like the author – are currently involved in the academic activities of this university. After a brief historical review, the paper discuses how the university is organized, as well as the curricula in place. It also provides an outline of the different elements that influence the everyday life of a Psychology student in this university, including facts and insights on the students professionalization, their performance and personal satisfaction, as well as evaluations of the teaching and learning model. The main aim of the paper is to illustrate another approach to teaching, an alternative in contrast with traditional teaching models ​
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