Multidisciplinary analysis of clinical cases: a transition towards active learning in dental education

Ibarretxe Bilbao, Gaskon
Arizmendiarrieta, Maider
Basaras, Miren
Pérez-Urcelay, Itxaro
Agirregoitia, Naiara
Díaz-Ereño, Elena
Sevillano, Elena
Rueda, José Ramón
Azkue, Jon Jatsu
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In the past 2009/10 academic year, we took steps towards introduction of active methodologies, from a multidisciplinar approach, into a conventional lecture-based Dental Education program. We consolidated these practices in the current 2010/11 year, already within a new Bologna-adapted scheme. Transition involved (i) critical assessment of the limitations of traditional teaching (ii) identification of specific learning topics allowing for integration of contents, (iii) implementation of student-centred learning activities in old curricular plans (iv) assessment of students' satisfaction and perceived learning outcomes, (v) implementation of these changes in new Bologna-adapted curricula ​
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