Prácticas educativas socialmente justas en la escuela: una educación para el bien común

From the challenge of building the definition of the school we want, the school in a broad sense is suggested as a context that advances towards participation, shared construction -us- and the common good. In this sense, a school of us is a school that incorporates educational practices that are sensitive to the learning scenarios of the students, especially students with the greatest need for educational support in a co-responsible way. From the framework of funds of identity and the theory of subjectivity of a historical-cultural nature and based on the idea of educational social justice, it seeks to deal with structural inequalities, power relations and the perspective of the deficit in education as a dominant discourse from holistic and comprehensive proposals. In this sense, two practical experiences are detailed that seek to recognize and give voice to pedagogies that advance towards proposals for inclusion and educational redistribution in school spaces ​
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