Del transmedia storytelling al transmedia learning. Reflexions entorn l'ús de les narratives transmèdia com a estratègia didàctica

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This doctoral thesis is the result of the conceptual and practical analysis of the uses of transmedia narratives in education. Storytelling, narration or the art of storytelling is a key element of human communication. In the new context of media ecologies, under the focus of the concepts of media convergence, participatory culture and collective intelligence described by Henry Jenkins, they describe a new media paradigm characterised by the shift from consumption to cultural prosumption. It is a new paradigm that the educational world has not wanted to waste and which has had a considerable development in what is known as transmedia storytelling, the application of these new media coordinates for didactic purposes. Through four articles, we analyse (1) the concept of transmedia narratives deployed in the field of education; (2) transmedia narrative practices: challenges, opportunities for improvement, and a characterisation of these; (3) how transmedia narratives incorporate universal design for learning; and finally, (4) how transmedia can be worked on didactically beyond transmedia narratives, with transmedia contentelling. The results show a strong influence of Jenkins' ideas, which set the framework from which transmedia storytelling is defined so far. However, a heterogeneous understanding of the terms 'transmedia' and 'story' is identified, leading to five emerging themes to discuss the misuses of transmedia storytelling; the media used; and the imitation of everyday life situations that develops with the application of transmedia storytelling in the educational context. The emerging themes allow us to visualise the complexities of a widely used conceptualisation of transmedia storytelling, which makes us reflect on how the term is used on the basis of evidence from the studies retrieved, and delve into the analysis of the misuses of the concept of transmedia storytelling, leading to the proposal of a classification of the different transmedia experiences ​
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